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You can now view all the items on our menu and order at your convenience. Below are just a few of our specialties.
  1. Ahi Bajiru
    Ahi Bajiru
    Spicy Tuna, Basil, Jalapeno on the inside, topped with pepper tuna and jalapeno mayo
  2. House Salad
    House Salad
    Choice of house made ginger or miso dressing
  3. The Texans
    The Texans
    Spicy Salmon, Jalapeno on the inside, topped with wonton crunch and diced pepper tuna
  4. Salmon Carpaccio
    Salmon Carpaccio
    Thinly sliced salmon served with house made pickled red onions, scallions, capers, truffle oil and ponzu sauce
  5. Kid's Beef Teriyaki Bowl
    Kid's Beef Teriyaki Bowl
    Comes with your choice of steamed rice or fried rice and fountain drink
  6. Coles Crossing (CC) Roll
    Coles Crossing (CC) Roll
    Yellowtail and jalapeno on the inside, topped with fresh salmon and crunchy smoked salmon bits, then drizzled in eel sauce
Great food, great atmosphere, great time!